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Stop calling your boyfriends baby if you can’t treat as one - Nigerian lady tells girlfriends (photos)

Wonders shall never end! A young lady has come out for ladies that called their boyfriends baby.

The lady who seems to also call her lover baby decided to give him a treat meant for babies since he is her own baby so she treated her matured boyfriend as a nursing mother will do to her toddler child.

In hilarious photos making the rounds on social media, the unnamed lady was seen taking care of her man in various ways like a baby.

According to reports, this big baby nursing scene happened in Aba, Abia state, and the lady captioned her photos thus: “ladies should stop calling their boyfriends baby if they cannot take care of him in this manner.”

In the photos taken, baby bath, baby powder and other necessities used when bathing a baby were seen in the background.

The pictures have definitely gotten online users talking, as many people had been dropping various comments.

Hope her boyfriend will bathe for her too if he calls her baby too.

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