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Miss Influential Queen Nigeria Sex Scandal: CEO Shares Her Own Side Of The Story

From the Stable of Miss Influential Queen Nigeria
C.E.O Influential Queen Nigeria

It has been brought to my notice that a girl that has been collecting money from girls on the pretense that she will give them my form posted a false accusations about me.

Here is what happened. I suspended her for many reasons. Once she posted nude pictures on Facebook and she is very disrespectful. She blocked me on all social media yet she was collecting money from girls on behalf of Miss influential Queen Nigeria.
I have never taken her or asked her via chat to sleep with a man for cash.
The chat I had with her was a modelling advert deal that my banker friend contacted me that they needed fair tall models for an advert it was two adverts one was for a new drink the other telecommunication.
And they will pay the girls cash so I contacted her,She was even thanking me for selecting her I have proves.
I have protected this girl even from ever sleeping with men because I get reports about her and is not good for my brand.

The general public should take note that all allegations about the C.E.O are all lies this is a desperate loose girl trying to spoil a good woman’s name.

The vision is to protect the girl child and not use her or exploit her for sexual benefit.

The chat she posted was it written I will hook you up with a man to sleep with and get cash? No! The hook up was to hook her up with an advert deal that will give her cash.

The public should not be misformed.I am a honourable woman and I have integrity.

C.E.O Miss influential Queen Nigeria.

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