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Twitter User Begs For $3000 For The Surgery Of Her Dog (Photos)

A lady is need of $3000 for her dog’s surgery and she has taken to Twitter to ask friends for help.

The lady identified as Taylie Dominique who has since opened a Gofundme account, explained that her dog named Smallz was attacked by two other dogs, and in that process, his jaw was broken and fractured.

So far, she has been able to raise $1,130 of the $3,000 goal.

Read what she wrote below.

Our beloved dog “Smallz” was attacked by two dogs today. Both bigger than him. His jaw is broken and fractured in two different areas, along with his eyebrow bone. We would be devastated if we had to put him down. Every dog deserves a chance. He is my moms best friend. Anything helps thank you.’

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