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Did You Know That Edifysto Makes You To Earn Money By Tutoring and Teaching Online

Today, I'm going to show you a platform where you can teach and tutor people online and still get paid. Isn’t that cool? Even if you have a job already or you can use this platform to earn and extra money and additional income online for yourself. is a platform where people get to learn about professional, vocational and technical skills online. You can earn money online by just teaching people on different skills and vocation. As a teacher and tutor on Edifysto, you are allowed to pick your own choice of specialization and profession. If you are able to teach and handle subject areas in subjects and courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Logic, Data Analysis, Accounting, Languages, Linguistics, Phonetics and teach people. Also, if you are a professional in other fields such as Entrepreneurship, Computer Appreciation, Software Developer, Web Design, Programming, Weave Making, Hair Dressing, Makeup and Cosmetics, Shoe Making, Music Production, Cooking, Baking, Catering and other skills which are not mentioned here can be taught. You can get to teach people such skills such as the ones mentioned above and get paid for your services.
Yes, It is Real and you get paid straight away to your bank account, No Story. As a tutor, teacher or a resource person on Edifysto, you are given the free hand and allowance to set the time, venue and location where your tutorials will hold. You get to set when you will have your tutorials and you get to set the price for it.
For instance, you are an expert music producer, you register on Edifysto and set your price at N25,000 for a month to teach on sound engineering and music production with intensive practicals. People who are interested in that skill will apply for your class, you get to teach them and you get paid.
How Do I Register and Sign Up As a Tutor/Teacher on Edifysto?
Thats a good question, you can register as a teacher or as a tutor on Edisysto right now. The whole process is not technical but easy because it is free to register, there are no registration fees nor capital or deposit required for you to pay before you become a tutor on Edifysto.
There are 5 simple steps which you have to take for you to become a tutor on Edifysto:
  1. Visit the platform at
  2. Click on Tutor Register, fill the form with your correct details and submit.
  3. After submitting the form, you will be given a set of 10 questions which you will have to answer. If you are not able to answer the questions immediately, you will have tolog inn to your email address as another copy will be sent across to you. Whenever you are free and able to answer the questions, click on the link sent to your mail, when you click on the click, you will be redirected to the examination page.
  4. After taking the examination page, your account will be approved on Edifysto and you will be given access to your dashboard.
  5. On your dashboard, you will need to verify your details by uploading some documents such as a drivers license, ID card, voters card or any means of identification. Once you are done, you will become a verified tutor on Edifysto.
How Do I Withdraw My Earnings on Edifysto?
As a tutor, your earnings are not taken away from you. You can withdraw your money directly to your bank account after 15 days or more after you have taught a student or after 15 days of conducting your tutorial classes.
For every money you earn, Edifysto takes 30%. If you happen to charge a fee of 20,000 from a monthly tutorial session, Edifysto collects N3,000 from each subscription on that teaching or tutorial.
Right now, there are a lot of people of Edifysto platform in search of skills to learn and get themselves equipped, why not register as a tutor now before it becomes crowded.
Join Edifysto platform now and earn as a tutor.
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