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Muslim woman gives out chickens, food items to Christians in Kaduna

Muslim woman identified as Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, has shown to the world that we can live in unity despite our religion differences. The woman on Thursday in Kaduna gave out chickens and food items to over 50 poor Christians, who are widows and orphans, to celebrate the Easter.

Tijjani said the gesture was to assist the beneficiaries and help in building understanding, peace and unity among the people devoid of religious sentiments.
Tijjani said:
“Christians worldwide are finishing their 40 days fasting and prayers this week. “There is need to support the widows with chickens and other food stuff to enable them celebrate the Easter with joy, and happiness like other Christians round the world.’’
She said that the current economic hardship in the country has made it difficult for people to enjoy such festivities, adding that the gesture was to uplift the spirit of the widows and poor children and encourage them to do good to others.
She said:
“I commence the chickens distribution with the Church of Christ Evangelical and Intercessory Fellowship, Sabon Tasha Kaduna. Because of my good friendship with all the members of the church, I am hoping to spread the gifts to other neighbouring churches in Kaduna.’’
According to her, last year during the six weeks Lenten period, she paid the bail of 10 Christian youths serving in Kaduna prison, to enable them return home to their families and friends.
Tijjani said:
“this is a method of promoting peace, building inter-religious tolerance and better understanding among different faith based organisations in Nigeria. We are worshiping one God and Allah and both Muslims and Christians are from one family and both have Holy Books which are Bible and Qur’an. Both believe in paradise and hell, therefore we are all one family under one God.”
She stressed the need for clerics from both religions to preach sermons that foster unity and peaceful co-existence.
“As Christians celebrates Easter this weekend, I wish them peace and happiness,’’ she added.

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