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Ayo And Shmateo Net Worth 2018 (Forbes)

Shmateo and Ayo are brothers and are more popularly known for their dancing skills and step called the Reverse . According to Wikipedia, they started dancing at a very young age. Shmateo is the the younger one while Ayo or Ogleloo is the older one. The popularity came more from Shmateo after they created a YouTube channel where they post videos and currently they have over 2,000,000 subscribers and also also millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Shmateo and Ayo's fame came when they did dance videos in some some songs by popular musicians like Chris Brown and others. Currently most teenagers look up to Shmateo and want to dance like them.

Last year, the internet was all about the duo Shmateo and Ayo after their success of the release of a hit song titled Rolex. The song was led by Shmateo while Ayo took a part. This shows that Shmateo and Ayo are multi talented entertainers. The song Rolex tipped so many charts and streams in the US and across the world.

                   Shmateo and Ayo networth 2018

Shmateo you like it or not is really making name for himself and also his brother Ayo. They have hit tracks to their names like Reverse, Rolex and others. They get paid by YouTube Adsense on a monthly basis for the views they get. They also get paid to perform in shows and music videos of some artistes.

Shmateo is said to worth over 2million dollars while his brother, 1.6 million dollars. As you know, this is not an exact figure but only a worth.

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