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Top Ten Federal Schools To Attend In Lagos State

This is a very interesting topic which is relevant as students who attend public are faced which challenges such as bullying and insults from other students whom attend private schools. 

By the way, a public/federal school is a is an academic institution set up by the government for students who can't afford so much money for school fees. Other expensive schools includes; British International School, Grange, and other top private international schools located on the islands in Lagos. 

Most frequently asked question is Private schools versus Private schools which is a question which hasn't gotten a satisfactory answer. In fact,  this question depends on the country. Like the United States Of America, United Kingdom and other countries where education is the key priority, the schools run by the government are often better than schools run by a sole proprietor. 

Public/Government are fully approved schools as they they are owned by the government unlike some private schools who are not approved and therefore not given exclusive rights to perform exams like WAEC, NECO and GCE. 

Looking up the internet for a list of public schools, all one could see was list of top and most expensive secondary schools which wasn't fair enough. So therefore, we would be releasing a list of top ten public/federation schools which a student should attend. 

Some challenges faces with public schools includes; 


Unkept environment 

Poor academic facilities

Poor maintenance of school properties, and others. 

Below are reasons why you should attend a public/federal school:

1. Qualified Teachers: Public/Federal schools are said to have the most qualified teachers.  This is because, the teachers attend a special teachers training when they are taught the how to properly carryout their duties as students. 

2. Discipline: This is a major key of a public school and also a federal school. While the teachers are on their training, they are taught the ways on how to discipline and bring out the best out of a student. Sometimes, the students see it as wickedness. Unlike private schools, the student are pampered because the students are children of respected and popular icons in the country. At the end of the day,  the DND justifies it all. 

3. Training: Students who attend public/federal schools are usually strong and ever ready to work students. These students are trained in different youth empowerment skills that helps them earn during holiday and breaks. They are also made to work such as clear grass which helps build them as well. 

4. Experience: They say experience is the best teacher. In a private school,  it is just a think of what you want. But in a public/federal schools, the students go through so many bitter sweet experience such as hard ship and also fun as there is time for everything. Some times, they are given punishments which they can never forget and they take part in funny activities which they can also never forget.

Criteria For Rating The Schools:

1. Performance in external examinations 

2. Schools facilities and maintenance 

3. Popularity and rating. 

4. School Uniforms 

5. Performance in interschool competitions 

As the topic implies, below are the list of top ten public/federal for a student to attend:

1. Kings College: This is a Federal school which has both junior and secondary schools located at different locations. The junior school is located at Victoria Island while the Senior school is located at Ikoyi, Lagos. It is an only boys school. 

2. CMS Grammar School: This is the oldest secondary school in Lagos. It has two branches which the other hand is CMS Grirls Grammar school. This schools is located at Tijani Ashogbon St, Akoka, Lagos. It is highly rated due to its years of existence an has a connection to Church Missionary Society.

3. Holy Child College: This is a school made of only girls. It is located at 12 Ojo-Giwa St, Lagos Island, Lagos. This is one of the best girls school in Lagos. They are academically sound which is a product of their good teachers. They perform really well at external examination especially WAEC. This year, this best WAEC student emerged from their with 9 A1s. It is run by the Catholic association. 

4. Federal Government College: This is a Federal school located in Ijaniki. It is was founded by the Federal Ministry of education in 1975. This school is very popular and renowned. Most students after leaving their Private school in primary, end up attending this school due to their standard of education.

5. Nigerian Navy Secondary School: This is a school owned by the Nigerian Navy. It is located at Old Ojo road Lagos. As the name implies, the ways of discipline is based on that of the Nigerian Navy. Students there treated to adhere to instructions and obedience and that is their hey slogan. Their uniform colour is Blue and White. It is a mixed school of both boys and girls. Their school fees is affordable by an average Nigerian parent. 

6. Command Day Secondary School: This is a school run by the Nigerian command. It is located at Ikeja, Lagos. They are into education and bringing out the best in students. They have been rated and is one of the choices of students. They have a good academic environment.

7. Queens College: This is a Federal school and is the other half of Kings College. It is located in Yaba and is an only girls school. This school is highly rated due to their outstanding performance is external exams held over the years. It is very popular as well when you talk about only girls school. The school had a problem some months ago which claimed the lives of some students, but problems were resolved as soon as possible and they are back to school. 

8. Igbobi College Lagos: The college was established by the Methodist and Anglican Churches in 1932, in the Yaba area of Lagos state.

The school is still one of the oldest schools in Nigeria and has the honour of having many distinguished and renown Nigerians as former students.

The purpose of establishing the school was “to give a well-balanced secondary education to boys in an environment adequate for the purpose”.

The land on which the college was built was part of the kola plantations of the family of Madam Tinubu.

Hence, reason for its name - “Igbobi” College. The college started with six classes in place- 55 boarders and 95 day students.

9. Eko Boys High School: The school was founded 13 January 1913 by Rev. William Benjamin Euba. It was founded as an African institution that would provide educational opportunities for the less privilege citizens of Lagos.

The school started with 28 students at 30 Broad street, Lagos.

10. St Finbarrs College Akoka:The school is one of the leading secondary schools in Lagos. It is situated opposite Federal College of Education (Technical) in Yaba area of Lagos state."

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