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PHOTOS: Teenager spends £1,000 of her parent’s money every month to look like "real life Barbie"

A teenager who aims to look like a real-life Barbie has revealed that she spends over £1,000 of her parents' money each month just to get her dream look.

18-year-old Gabriela Jirackova began modifying her body when she was 16 to get the perfect Barbie look. She started with long blonde hair extensions, massive eyelashes, permanent make-up, eyelash tattoo, and lip fillers. Now aged 18, she has had breast enlargement, increasing her breast form a C cup to a G cup. She also intends to enlarge her breasts more in the future and also get butt implants and rib removal surgery.



The teenager, from Prague, Czech Republic, owns 300 Barbie dolls. The dolls inspire her to go on with the surgical procedures so as to look more like them.

She told Barcroft TV: "I was inspired by other real-life Barbies and also my Barbie dolls. I had plenty of them as a kid. When I saw the real-life Barbies I thought that it was something for me. I have always wanted to stand out and thought this would suit me. I don’t believe in a natural look. I think there is hardly anything natural today."

She continued: "I spend three and a half hours everyday getting ready. This lifestyle isn’t easy at all. Maintaining my image is difficult in all its aspects, financially, physically and mentally too. There is a great pressure on me from the media, my fans, the haters, from everybody."



Her mum is in support of her transformation and her parents willingly supply the money for her monthly maintenance. Her mother revealed that her only fear was for her daughter's health. She said this when the teenager was about to have breast enlargement surgery. The surgery turned out to be a success.

Mum Romana Jirackova, 53 said: "She’d been slowly preparing us for it but we hadn’t realised how serious she was. I am worried about her health no doubt about that, but how far she will go with it is her choice and I respect it. I think that she is naturally pretty and even if she has some cosmetic procedures done I would respect that. She’ll always be pretty, it’s always going to be her. What’s important is that she is going to be happy and fulfill her dream."



Gabriela now dreams of living in the States, and says she is committed to the extreme Barbie-look for life.



She said: "I think I will definitely get there one day. I want to live in LA and become famous for my Barbie image. I still want to undergo more cosmetic procedures. I must say I am more pleased with myself after each procedure, but I am not there yet. When one chooses to do this, it takes several years maybe even their whole life. One can’t say I want to change it after a week, so I want to stick with my chosen path. I will definitely continue my lifestyle as this is not a short-term thing."



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