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Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2 Presents The Long Awaited "Good Friday Miracle Night" With Pastor Emeka

Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2 has finally fixed date for it's yearly Good Friday and Miracle Night. This is usually a yearly event which was formally organised by the former Lagos Zone 2 Pastor, Pastor Vale but after the ICLC with Pastor, offices were changed made Pastor Emeka as Zonal Director of Lagos Zone 2.

If you are in Lagos and want to attend this program, it is totally free for all and transportation is also free. Follow the timing and procedures I will give to you below.

This program will be held as a night vigil on Friday,  30th March, 2018.

Date: Friday 30th 2018
Time: 6pm till done
Transportation: Free for all
Venue: Trade Fair Complex
Security: Security is on the max

Don't think of missing this program for any reason because it will change your life forever. Bring all your friends and those who have been diagnosed with sickness because they will never leave there unhealed.

Written by: Umeh Ogochukwu Johnson

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