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New Music: Bryson Tiller – Birmingham

Bryson Tiller is in mixtape mode. The r’n’b singer proclaimed as much on twitter recently (see below), and look no further for concrete evidence– a freestyle over YBN Nahmir’s increasingly popular “Rubbin Off the Paint” record.
For those of you who are still scratching your head at the name YBN Nahmir, we just released an introductory interview with him yesterday that will bring you up to speed on the videogamer-turned-rapper. Bryson takes the airy, bouncy beat from YBN’s original song and titles it “Birmingham,” definitely due to the fact that he’s currently out on tour in Birmingham, UK, performing back-to-back shows. Bryson delivers some rapid-fire bars (at least, for Tiller) that still have his easy-going/melodic touch. He uses the freestyle to flex on other artists too, without naming any names, he calls out all his sons — there are definitely a few artists that Tiller has fathered since blowing up.

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