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Relationship expert Amara Van-Lare’s Pastor husband has already gotten over their divorce? Seeing Jewish women on bikini

With recent photos we got, it seems Francis has already gotten over as he’s already going on vacations alone.

Here’s what he wrote earlier;

“As I arrived the holy land I told God to vindicate me for my decision to go my own separate way for I have not done anything wrong to her and her four children to be treated the way I have been last two years . I still believe my peace and joy is out there and she will show up one day”

Then in a new post, the Pastor who just arrived Tel Aviv  from Moscow, is already seeing Jewish women on bikini;

“The best place to start reinventing yourself is the beach the scenery and water cheers your mind and head . Jewish women in bikinis hmmm . Will relax today after my long driving from St Petersburg Russia to Moscow to catch a flight a Tel Aviv . Will commence posting historic Israel tomorrow”

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