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Kompany Says Guardiola’s City Is Better Than Mancini’s City

Vincent Kompany, Manchester City captain has said that the club under Guardiola is better than the team managed by Mancini.

Manchester City won the Premier League under Mancini, with the likes of Tevez, Kolo Toure and a host of others.

Pep Guardiola has inherited a team that is better than the one with which Mancini used to win the title.

“The team in the first league title win was all about big personalities, character and tough guys in the team,” he said.

“It was game-deciding people.

“This team is more about there being a flow to it – there is coordination, the system is very meticulous. So we will see – this team still needs to win something.

“But my feeling is that we have a lot more tools we can use. It was difficult for us to play in a back three back in the day, just because of the personnel we had.

“Here it is just as easy for us to switch from a back three to a back four and so on. That is the strength of this team, the fact that we just can adapt to so many ways.”

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