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‘I Saw Usher Raymond There That Night’ – Hotel Employee Backs Plus-size Lady’s Lawsuit

A hotel employee has backed plus-size lady, Quantasia Sharpton’s story, after claiming that she saw singer Usher Raymond at the hotel that night.

This is coming after social media users came for the plus size lady and mother, who accused Usher of infecting her with herpes after they had sex on November 15, 2014.

The hotel source claimed that she saw Usher in the lobby at the Days Inn in Atlantic City, New Jersey, hours after he held a concert there. She went further to disclose that she saw the singer meet Sharpton in the lobby before going to her room.

The employee said she asked Usher for a picture and he promised to return and pose with her, but never did.

She told TMZ she had got in touch because she was enraged by the 38-year-old’s comment that Sharpton was ‘not his type’.

Usher has however thrown out the accusation which he labelled as malicious.

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